We have restructured  our beginning and advanced classes to offer you more options. Unless noted all supplies are sold separately.



timthumbBeginning Knit #1
This one hour class is the very beginning basics. You will learn how to select yarns and needles for a simple scarf. Other skills covered will include slip knot, casting on (long tail, backward loop, or knit on options),  and the knit stitch. No experience necessary.   Supplies sold separately     $35    (coupon eligible)                                            
  • March 1 2-3
  • March 5  Wed  4-5
  • March 11 Tue  2-3
  • March 13  Thurs  2-3
  • March 21 Fri  11-12
  • March 26 Wed 2-3



Beginning Knit #2

This one hour class includes adding a new yarn, and some simple finishing techniques such as binding off, sewing in ends and adding fringe. This is designed to be a follow up to the simple scarf class. You will also begin your second project a facecloth/washcloth. Using a cotton yarn add to your repertoire of knitting by including the purl stitch, increase and decrease stitches. Reading a basic pattern is also emphasized. For those of you who omitted the scarf class we ask that you have a basic knowledge of independently casting on and knitting. Supplies sold separately $35 (coupon eligible)


  •  March 6 Thurs 11-12
  • March 12 Wed 3-4
  • March 20 Thrs  3-4
  • March 25 Tue 11-12
  • March 29  2-3


293067_256835461102608_1286476874_nBeginning Knit #3

To double point or to circ? This one hour class is about knitting in the round. Select from a simple hat pattern or a simple cowl pattern and work through the project with an instructor. We ask that you know how to cast on and knit independently. Supplies are not included. $35 (coupon eligible)


  • March 20 Thrs 4-5